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Really good puzzles, Story was good to. A few Lag spikes when i was turning to quickly but all in all a great play Experience...

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A very interesting game that has varying puzzle levels with great horror elements thrown in as you progress with what seems like a series of events in your head before leading up to the climax ( the story felt a little vague and i may have it wrong in my video and i do not want to spoil it for others)

 The asthetics of the game are beautiful with quirky levels and there are some great soundtracks , which have already been mentioned in previous reviews it seems.

 It would be great to see some narrative or voice acting for your character reacting to events as they unfold reasoning with themselves between what seems real and what is fantasy (aside from the notes left behind) maybe the character could voice narrate the notes ( just a suggestion)

 It would also be pretty neat to see some apparitions appear and disappear again to keep you on edge, the tension was great and having apparitions appear would intensify the experience further , maybe even have something physically chasing you forcing you to panic through the puzzles (again only suggestions)

The game over all is great and enjoyable and leaves you thinking about the experience and the game has a replayability quality, it will be interesting to see what else is in store for the future in this game or other releases.






Thank you for playing and for the thorough review! It's always helpful to get such detailed feedback.


Thank you for this Game ;)


Nice Game. its great Work!

my let´s play

Thank you!

Nice game and Ambiance ! Great i like it ^^

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The music was an absolute masterpiece! I loved the menu music in particular. The music in game was an addition to it mainly when we had to run to the next flare quickly. The challenge of certain puzzles were easy, but I think this game had a blend of differing difficulties. Most of the puzzles I figured out on my own, but I have to admit, if I start dying too many times, I cheat a little by seeing what others did and move on.  After hearing the background story in the form of a dramatized accident, I got the hint that I was in a coma and my life was in limbo somewhere in a strange dream.  The only thing I have to say is that sometimes there is a lag when I am turning around, but that's it. I don't see anything else left to work on to make this game better. Graphics and visuals are great, the puzzles differed in difficulty and intensity (another plus). As far as whether or not I could see myself playing this again? I don't see why not. Awesome job!

Thank you for playing and for the kind words! All credit goes to John Leonard French for the awesome music, it really helped build the atmosphere. I hope you enjoyed the experience!


This game was a lot of fun to do a let's play on!!! Great job!!! 


Gave it a go...


Welcome back Spectators and Dev,

I have been waiting many months for this game to come out and I must say that it was well worth the wait.

I don't want to give anything away so I will say this, it is absolutely stunning. The visuals are beautiful as is the audio. It takes you on a strange journey of puzzling moments and fear fueled joyrides as you make your way to the top of the mountain.

Development team, I know I am a goofball in my vids, as I was in this one but truly, from a long time gamer, fantastic job. The last couple of minutes of the vid are just for you. I hope you enjoy my take on your creation.

Have fun Spectators . . .

L Squared